We are on a mission to transform every meal into a healthy, delicious, and sustainable one with Super Grains. What started off as a simple journey to shed some extra kilos led to discovering something transformational about the impact of what we eat on the body and the planet. When our founder was battling PCOs and Obesity, she did not exactly know what to begin with. Although there are many fad diets available, she found it hard to be consistent with those, Moreover, maintaining the lost weight was a challenge. After realizing the unsustainability of fad diets, she began with baby steps to change the way she ate. She started off by switching dinner with ragi malt and consuming regular meals for the rest of the day. Ragi malt/mudde was a childhood superfood her mom used to advocate for. Within 3 months she lost 4 kilos and never gained it back. Cravings were very manageable as the rest of the meals were normal. She began researching ragi and found that ragi is super grain with complex carbohydrates which helps you keep full for longer. She also found that there are several other super grains like ragi which have been replaced by highly processed rice and wheat during the modernization of the food system. Almost everything we eat today is either white rice or white flour. It was also discovered that Super Grains are more sustainable and climate-friendly as they use 30% less water and could be the potential answer to food security. Hence, she founded Grain Factory to feed the planet with healthy, delicious, and sustainable Super Grains. It is time to understand that carbs aren't necessarily the problem, refined carbs are the problem.

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